Chris Cottam / website design



Stage one: Conception / One - two weeks

Exploratory design stage bringing together various concepts, references, and ideas to create the basis for the visual identity of the website and brand. Establish ideas for functionality and user experience of the website. 


Stage Two: Design / Two weeks

Implementation of ideas set upon in the conception stage. References and concepts are pooled into a consistent encompassing design. Colours, logo, brand, typography, and website layout are set. 


Stage Three: Implementation / Two weeks

Execution of website design. The site is built, put online, content populated, and launched.  

Cost Estimate


Pre-existing Code / $5500

For your needs, I would recommend starting from a pre-existing layout base. In this scenario, you will still have a fully custom designed website, but the 'bones' of the page and backend content management system will be sourced pre-made and then fully skinned by us. The site will be retina ready, built in HTML5, responsive, and fully optimized for search engines. We will have a developer on hand to make any coding adjustments as necessary. 

This method will still yield an original and beautiful site while saving you significant time and costs associated with hiring a full stack developer to build the entire website from scratch.


Full build / $9000 + 

In this method, we will build the entire site in from the ground up in HTML5. This will add a significant amount of time to the implementation stage. If you want to go this route, we will put together a separate quote and cost breakdown.

All prices and timelines at this stage are estimates and are subject to change as the scope of the project is set. Ontario sales tax (HST) will be added to all prices.